Overcoming Fears


I’ve been trying to face my fears more in order to grow as a person and become a better me. The first step in this is identifying my fears.

I was thinking about it the other night as I was falling asleep and my main two fears are feeling uncomfortable and that people won’t like or accept me or my ideas.

A couple of weeks ago in church, I sat next to an acquaintance who recently lost his wife. I did not notice it was him until after church and he struck up a conversation with me and my fiance. He told us how supportive the church has been in this difficult time and how his mother in law was helping him with the kids. I should have been supportive and comforting. However, I kept my head down and was anxious to get out of there because it was very uncomfortable for me.

I could be a better more compassionate friend if I could handle uncomfortable situations better.

I am making strides toward this goal. I joined toastmasters which are a club where members increase their public speaking skills by giving speeches and being an active member of the club. Speaking in front of people is uncomfortable for me and I imagine a lot of other people. Toastmasters is a great place to practice public speaking because everyone there is highly supportive and give constructive criticism. I’m hoping great things will come from this.


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